Lend Me Your Fears features the comedic styling of three east coast based millennial artists struggling to find solace and sanity in the world today as they find comfort in each other’s chaos.

Imani Wilson

A filmmaker, nerd culture enthusiast with aspirations to become a postmodern slacker renaissance man.

PROS: Enthusiastic, Supportive, Idea-Centric, Versatile

CONS: Procrastinator, Undisciplined, Volatile

David Strange

a producer, photographer and columnist lives a life of mystery as a practitioner of the occult and an alternative lifestyle savant.

PROS: Organized, Supportive, Proactive, Outspoken

CONS: Manic, Provocateur

 Ashley Supreme

A featured visual artist and illustrator continues to tour his work in many galas to this day.

PROS: Peaceful, Fun Loving, Supportive, Gifted

CONS: Rageful, Isolationist