Getting Started!

Boogie Bazaar makes it easy for anyone to have a professionally
produced and distributed podcast, video content or social media video.
Our commitment to customer care starts with guiding you through
your equipment purchase, setup to when you
record your first show.

No Hidden Costs, No Surprises!

At Boogie Bazaar, we believe that customer care and upfront costs are paramount.  We do not have any hidden fees, “gotcha” charges, mandatory consultations, webinars, or eBooks for sale. We simply want you to sound your best, grow your audience, have some fun, and deliver the best representation of yourself and your brand.

“We Build Relationships With Awesome Work, Not Paper Work.”
Boogie Bazaar does not require you to commit to a long-term service agreement. 

Audio Editing

Boogie Bazaar Productions has an incredibly talented team of in-house, certified audio engineers.
Our audio department edits, polishes, and masters your podcast to broadcast-quality standards.

Boogie Bazaar plans starting at $525 Per Month!
What do some of the boogie bazaar audio editing plans include?


    • Pre-production coaching to discuss your show format and technical needs
    • Equipment recommendations and setup assistance
    • Training videos and materials
    • Professionally voiced intro and outro with music
    • Help setting up your hosting service (Libsyn, Blubrry, Buzzsprout, etc.)
    • Pre show testing of your audio equipment and Dropbox setup


    • Mixing your intro and outro with segments
    • Minute-to-minute listening to catch and correct errors
    • Adding any commercials or special audio segments
    • Adding professional compression, noise reduction, and equalization to your voice
    • Mixing to mp3, adding ID3 tags, and uploading to the hosting service
    • Adding titles, tags, album art, and SEO tagging

Premium Audio Editing

Looking for Perfection? Look no further!
Boogie Bazaar’s Premium Audio Editing packages take out all the “ums” and
“ahhs”, crutch phrases and more to polish your podcast to a flawless flow.

Boogie Bazaar’s Premium Audio editing plans are for the most discerning podcasters. Many of our clients are looking for a flawless audio product, free of stumbles in speech and show flow. After our producers do a basic audio editing pass, we then go back through the show line by line to edit out all of the “ums”, “ahhs”, crutch phrases and any unneeded material.

Audio Editing FAQ

We understand the needs of podcasters – very well. We work tirelessly to develop relationships with our hosts and producers to ensure that you will sound your best – every single episode.

Will I get to “meet” my producer?

Yes! Boogie Bazaar personally matches you with one of our talented producers. You are able to communicate directly with your producer on any questions, concerns, or general production notes you have before the edit. Additionally, your producer may reach out from time to time to verify information, let you know about something you may have missed, or even how you might want to improve your audio and performance.

Do I have to tell the producer what to do for every episode?

Nope. Though you are welcome to add production notes and requests, your producer edits your podcast to your specifications and established format. You can simply record your segments, upload them to the studio, and rest easy that your producer knows exactly what to do.

Does the producer listen to the whole show?

Absolutely! We go minute-by-minute through the entire episode to ensure continuity, flow, and remove any glaring errors or glitches.

Is there a maximum length? Is there a minimum?

Depending on your Boogie Bazaar Plan, there can a maximum length. On average, Boogie Bazaar Plans are based on episodes 45 minutes in length. Batch editing plans for shorter episodes are available.

Will my producer help me improve?

Yes! The team of Boogie Bazaar producers are certified audio engineers and producers with extensive experience in both broadcast media and podcasting. Simply put, they listen to podcasts all day long and want our clients to sound their best. We are here to make suggestions, set up consultations, and provide tips and best practices to keep you improving each and every episode.

Custom Podcast Show Notes

You want your show notes to match your message,
voicing, and brand.

Our custom show notes become an integrated part of your website,
and overall content marketing strategy.

From the moment you sign up for a Boogie Bazaar Plan, our producers and project management team take the time and attention needed to understand who you are. More importantly, we strive to understand how you want your brand to be seen and heard. This includes creating a custom show notes experience working to match your podcast show notes to your content marketing theme, style, format, and voicing.

How It Works:

  • You are matched with a member of our copy writing team
  • Our copywriter researches your brand, blogs, and social media
  • A quick consultation call is made directly between yourself and the copywriter
  • Drafts of the Custom Show Notes are created and refined until a Standard Operating Practice (SOP) is created for future notes

Show Notes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Boogie Bazaar Podcast Show Notes

Are your copywriters native English Speakers?

Yes! All of our copywriters are native English speakers. Our philosophy at Boogie Bazaar is to hire our team members in-house, including the copy department.

Who will proofread my show? Can I?

Boogie Bazaar has a dedicated copy editor responsible for proofreading all podcast show notes passing through the production house for grammar, spelling, double-checking outbound links, relevance and context.

Boogie Bazaar uses a quality control folder with clients for reviewing both audio and text files prior to publication. So, you’re free to triple-check any content for last-minute changes or suggestions.

Does Boogie Bazaar upload show notes to my hosting account for me?

Yes! Included in our Boogie Bazaar Plans is adding your show notes to your RSS feed.

I already produce my own podcast. Does Boogie Bazaar offer podcast show notes as a separate service?

Not at this time. If you have a special podcast show notes project that you would like our team to consider, please feel free to reach out.

Types Of Videos We Make

Event Video

Event Videos add to your digital presence by showcasing your brand/company culture and granting your audience and clients intimate insights into your events.

Company Training Videos

Training videos are an amazing and cost effective way to educate and inform internal staff, and it can also be used to inform potential clients and customers. This reduces customer service inquiries about a particular product or offering.

2D & 3D Animated Videos

Stay connected to your customers and audience with engaging social media video! Whether its short form content, ads or campaigns, social media is king!

Long Form Content

Showcase your message or solutions, whether you have a product, service, series or brand!

Connect with your audience and potential customers in a way that delivers your message and offers value in a meaningful way.

Broadcast and Regional Commercials

Reach audiences with national, local or regional broadcast spots.

Company Profile Video

Company Profile videos create a connection between your brand and the viewer in an engaging and meaningful way. It’s provides the viewer an intimate insight into your company’s voice, services and principles of branding.

Product Commercial Video

We produce compelling product videos for brands of all sizes and industries! Need to ship us your product? No problem! We’ll produce your commercial remotely.

Product Commercial Video

We produce compelling product videos for brands of all sizes and industries! Need to ship us your product? No problem! We’ll produce your commercial remotely.

Ready for Your Video Consult?

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